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What is Hospice Care?

A combination of healthcare programs and services designed to meet the special needs of patients.

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Tired of the Cold Hospitals and Dispassionate Care. Best Hospice Inc. Healthcare at your Door.

 Best Hospice Inc. provides healthcare services at no cost to patients. Hospice & Palliative services include pain management, education to help cope with the disease and nursing care.

Providing care as genuine as a family in the convenience of a private home or at the locations that hospice care can be provided. Hospice and Palliative care includes services from physician supervision, expert nursing care, supplies and medication for pain according to guidelines.

Best Hospice Inc. providing comfort at home, no more cold hospital rooms, maintain your privacy and comfort.

Best Hospice Inc., provider for illnesses which are in the later stages such as dementia, heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. End of life care does not mean the very end, more like the later stages of the disease. Our goal is to make the later stages of the disease as comfortable as possible.

In the past, Best Hospice Inc. has provided care for patients who have Medical, Health-Net,  LA- Care, Medicare;provided healthcare to patients from Cedars Sinai and to many other local hospitals.

Do the right choice, by electing hospice care, elect less aggressive treatments instead of the harsh treatments in the emergency room that may cause unnecessary suffering.

Our priority for our hospice team is to prolong life as much as possible.

Dame Cicely Saunders-Physician & Founder of Hospice Care

“Each person matters for every moment of their life, and hospice care maintains this idea by ensuring each patient lives as well as they can for long as they can.”

 There is still hope and hospice care is that hope. Best Hospice Inc. will provide spiritual guidance for any religion in the convenience of there home with chaplain’s to assist families to cope with life’s dilemmas.

Grooming service’s included and light housekeeping.

Bathing assistance and medication assistance.

No out of pocket costs!

Covered By: Medical, Health-Net,  LA- Care,  Medicare


Best Hospice Inc gave me a helping hand and provided spiritual help to me. My family is grateful for Best Hospice Inc.


Without Best Hospice Inc., I don’t know how my end of life journey would be. They have made my journey comfortable.

Depression was worst than ever with my severe symptoms. Best Hospice helped me to deal with the depression and gave me hope.

Hospice was my hope and helped dealing with pain.



Best Hospice Inc. is honest, and provides high quality service with our experienced staff. Services include nursing care, counseling, drugs, equipment and supplies for illness conditions.

What is Hospice?

A combination of healthcare program & services designed to meet the special needs of patients.


Difference Between Hospice Care & Palliative Care

Hospice care can dramatically reduce the pain and suffering experienced by patients.


Eligibility for Hospice Care

Upon meeting the following criteria, eligibility requirements will be determined for a patient.


Who Pays For Hospice Care?

We also rely on community support for both donations and volunteer staff.
– Health Insurance & HMO’S
– Private Pay


Admission Process

Admitting a patient to the hospice program is a simple process for the attending physician, discharge planner or social worker. Just call the hospice and nurse will visit the patient and family at home or in the hospital.


Where are Hospice Services Provided?

Hospice care is provided wherever the patient is residing.
– Home
– Skilled Nursing Facility
– Residential


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Submit your consultation requests to Best Hospice Inc. We want to be there for you and discuss your hospice care options in more detail.

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