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What is Hospice?

A combination of healthcare programs and services designed to meet the special needs of patients and their loved ones in time of crisis due to terminal illness, for which they do not elect aggressive treatment.

The Difference at Best Hospice

Hospice care can dramatically reduce the pain and suffering experienced by patients. At Best Hospice Inc., our close-knit group of professionals and trained volunteers are committed to providing our patients with a richer, fuller and meaningful life in the time that is left. We will ensure dignified, respectful peaceful experience.

Eligibility for Hospice Care

Upon meeting the following criteria, eligibility requirements will be determined for a patient.

Based on the clinical judgment of the patient’s Physician and the Hospice Medical Director, it has been certified that the patient has a limited life expectancy.

The patient’s primary authorizes hospice care.

The focus is now on physical, emotional and spiritual comfort rather than curative measures.

Who Pays For Hospice Care?

  • Health Insurance & HMO’S
  • Private Pay

We also rely on community support for both donations and volunteer staff.

Admission Process

Admitting a patient to the hospice program is a simple process for the attending physician, discharge planner or social worker. Just call the hospice and nurse will visit the patient and family at home or in the hospital, where information about the program will be presented. If the patient elects the program, the hospice team makes all necessary arrangements for admission.

For information on Hospice care and our services, please Call us at: (323)825-1907


  • Pain Management
  • 24 Hour On Call Nursing
  • Home Health Aides Visits for personal care
  • Bereavement Counseling
  • Medications and Equipment

Where are Hospice Services Provided?

  • Hospice care is provided wherever the patient is residing.
  • Home
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Residential
  • Assisted Living Center
  • Skilled Nursing Benefit
  • Routine Care
  • Continuous Care
  • General Inpatient
  • Inpatient Respite

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Submit your consultation requests to Best Hospice Inc. We want to be there for you and discuss your hospice care options in more detail.

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